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Perfect Likeness

Perfection can haunt you.

Yesterday, quick-witted Ally Smart saved the US government from a crippling computer virus. Today, she’s enjoying the sexy tension-filled life of a gorgeous jewel thief. Tomorrow she might go rock-climbing in the Alps, wind surfing in the Bahamas, or maybe save the world from taffeta-wearing aliens. Life is never boring for the 24-year-old office worker—in her dreams. In real life, Ally has to deal with the clumsiness of her size-16 body, the good intentions of her over-achiever best-friend, and the condescending attitude of her too-cool little sister.

Ally strives for the kind of unachievable-perfection she has in her fantasies: amazing body, clever come-backs, and passionate romances. But when the fantasized version of herself shows up in her bathroom mirror, calling herself Allison (with an i because she says it’s prettier), Ally discovers how cruel perfection can be. The ghost-like apparition at first appears only as a degrading Jiminy-Cricket; she picks on Ally’s faults and haunts her mirrors. But Allison’s power quickly grows; she leaves the mirrors, turns Ally’s day-dream into a trip to soft-porn land and her work-out into a Broadway musical. The fantasy girl wants to become real, and when perfection walks the streets of Ally’s small LA-suburb hometown, the resulting ripple effect damages the lives of everyone Ally loves.

In order to save her friends (and stop her own descent into a fantasy life no real person could survive) Ally must find the courage to overcome perfection and accept herself the way she is.

Aurora One

With one prick of the finger, her whole world will change.

Chavri Aisling should have died on her naming day. Instead, after being poisoned during an assassination attempt, she lives her life hiding behind masks, veils, and force-fields, never able to share the same air as anyone else. But the princess of Moarga Province is determined not to let her illness stop her from finding the one thing her planet desperately needs—metal that can be used to make more space ships so that her people can find the other lost colonies of Earth. Her search takes her into an unexplored corner of her solar system where a terrifying discovery leaves her frozen. Resuscitated by the least-likely prince over three generations later, Chavri has one chance to save what’s left of Moarga from invasion, and the love of her life from a fate worse than death.

Based on the fairy-tale Sleeping Beauty, Aurora One is part of the science fiction anthology Galactic Dreams.

Galactic Dreams

Welcome to the universe of Galactic Dreams, where fairy tales are reimagined for a new age—the future.

Galactic Dreams is a unique series of science-fiction novellas from Blue Zephyr Press featuring retellings of classic tales from different authors, all sharing the same universe, technology, and history. The Galactic Dreams Volume One boxed set features three novellas inspired by Mulan, Thumbelina, and Sleeping Beauty, from authors Bethany Maines, Karen Harris Tully, and J.M. Phillippe.

Short Stories

The Sight

A chance encounter on a bus leads a woman passing as a professor down a path she knows she can’t follow. In this fantasy romance short story, nothing is what it seems, including time itself.

Plane Signals

Round one winner of the New York City Midnight 2017 Short Story Challenge, Plane Signals features a guy, a girl, and the four inches of space their arm rest shares at twenty-thousand feet. Is he interested or is it just the airline shoving him into Meagan’s personal space? If only she had some…Plane Signals.