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The Glitter of Gold

The deal she made to save herself could destroy the universe.

Gwynn Flaxenhart is a farmer’s daughter stuck on her family’s space-station algae farm, dreaming about a bigger life as a renowned scientist. Aderyn Ryder is a corporate spy who trades information to help her family. Once close, the two cousins were torn apart when Addy betrayed Gwynn’s trust. But when Gwynn’s desperate deal with a mysterious stranger unlocks a chain of events that could result in the death of millions of people across the galaxy, the two cousins must find a way to put their past behind them and work together to stop an evil mastermind.

Based on the fairy-tale Rumpelstiltskin, The Glitter of Gold is part of the science fiction boxed set Galactic Dreams Volume 2. 

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Galactic Dreams Volume 2

Galactic Dreams is a unique series of science-fiction novellas from Blue Zephyr Press featuring retellings of classic tales from different authors, all sharing the same universe, technology, and history. In each Galactic Dreams Volume 2 novel you’ll find an old tale reborn with a mixture of romance, technology, aliens and adventure. But this time, each prince and princess, each band of intrepid heroes, is fighting the same enemy – an entity so vast that he can span centuries and not everyone is guaranteed to survive. Featuring all new stories including Karen Harris Tully’s The Little Nebula (The Little Mermaid), Bethany Maines’ Seventh Swan (The Six Swans), and by J.M. Phillippe, The Glitter of Gold (Rumpelstiltskin).


Galactic Dreams V 3 (2021)
The Spirit of the Heart (Coming January 2022!)
Unnamed Fantasy Series Book One

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I have teamed up with Bethany Maines and Karen Harris Tully to bring you a sci-fi anthology like no other. Featuring three novellas inspired by MulanThumbelina, and Sleeping Beauty, all set in space, this collection reimagines fairy tales for a new age—the future.

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Celebrating Pretty Books!

There is nothing quite like seeing your book in print for the first time. I adore eBooks, and am just as thrilled when someone buys a digital version of my books as when they buy a print one, but actually seeing my books in print does something to me that seeing it digitally just doesn’t do. In print, it’s tangible, solid. My first memories of books were of course the print kind, and seeing my words as I flip through the pages feels magical.